2023 ShakeOut Data Legend

Map above currently shows 2022 ShakeOut DYFI entries received by USGS via Winlink. Data courtesy of USGS, used with permission.

Official USGS 2023SHAKEOUT Scenario Map is available here (link updated on 10/20/2023)

The USGS maps web DYFI entries as well as Winlink DYFI entries.

2023 DYFI Winlink Global Submissions (from CSV Data)

2023 DYFI Winlink  Submissions by European Country (from CSV Data)

2023 DYFI Winlink  Submissions by US State (from CSV Data)

USGS Community Internet Intensity Map (original here

Helpful ShakeOut Exercise Links for Volunteer Radio Groups by K6OLI

2023SHAKEOUT Original Instructions, coordinated with USGS and the Earthquake Country Alliance (ECA):

Feel free to download the document and add a CC: for your group!

2023SHAKEOUT DYFI YouTube Instruction Video by K6OLI: 

CC: SHAKEOUT to be added to the LAXNORTHEAST 2023SHAKEOUT Map: 

Official USGS 2023SHAKEOUT Scenario Map is available here: 

This map shows all entries received and mapped by the US Geological Survey.

2023 SHAKEOUT - Quick Instructions

Remember that we will map entries with CC: SHAKEOUT on the LAXNORTHEAST ShakeOut website: .

CCs are optional. 


Exercise ID: 2023SHAKEOUT 

Date: 10/19/2023

Time: 10:19

Did you feel it: YES 

Address: your local street, city, state and Zip

Latitude, Longitude: latitude and longitude of your location 



APRS Path SoCal: WIDE2-2

APRS Symbol:  /Q   (for Quake)

Suggested position comment: 2023SHAKEOUT MMI 7

Beacon on 144.390MHz (national APRS frequency) after 10:19 on 10/19

Whole Community USGS DYFI Reports on the Web

New for 2023: Submit an Exercise DYFI directly on the USGS ShakeOut Scenario website. 

Encourage everyone in your community to participate!

USGS invites whole community participation: volunteer radio groups, neighborhood groups, CERT, faith based organizations, companies, schools, NGOs, just to name a few examples. In short, anyone participating in ShakeOut is welcome to submit a DYFI on October 19 at or after 10:10 local time on the USGS ShakeOut Scenario website.

Scan the QR code below to access the USGS ShakeOut Scenario DYFI Report.

Download and print the instructions provided. Add the QR code to your newsletters and websites.

Whole Community USGS DYFI Web Report Resources

Links: 2023 ShakeOut Web DYFI Instructions PDF 

QR Code: 2023 ShakeOut USGS Web Exercise DYFI QR Code

ShakeOut Announcement

US Geological Survey invites amateur radio exercise "Did you feel it?" (DYFI) earthquake intensity reports via Winlink for Shakeout on October 19, 2023.

Executive Summary/ Quick Start

You are encouraged to send Winlink DYFI reports with 

Exercise ID: 2023SHAKEOUT (notice there is no space between number and text)

Date: 10/19/2023

Time: 10:19 (local time; you may send your report later in the day, but event time remains 10:19)

Did you feel it: YES 

Address: your local street, city, state and Zip

Latitude, Longitude: please enter the latitude and longitude of your address

Google Doc: Step-by-step Winlink Exercise DYFI instructions  with images.

Youtube: Step-by-step Winlink DYFI form Walkthrough for ShakeOut.

What is ShakeOut?

The Great ShakeOut is the world's largest earthquake drill. It is held annually on the third Thursday of October, and millions of people participate all over the world. In 2022 over 200 million people participated worldwide. The goal of the ShakeOut is to teach people how to protect themselves during an earthquake.

The ShakeOut drill is simple. At the designated time, participants Drop, Cover, and Hold On (DCHO). This means getting under a sturdy desk or table and holding on until the shaking stops.

What is “Did you feel it?” (DYFI)

"Did you feel it?" (DYFI) reports earthquake intensity, i.e. the effects of an earthquake on the earth’s surface.  Amateur Radio Operators are invited to send an EXERCISE Winlink "Did you feel it?" (DYFI) message to the US Geological Survey (USGS) during Shakeout!

In real events Winlink DYFI ground truths contribute to USGS earthquake intensity assessments and event response products, like PAGER (Prompt Assessment of Global Earthquakes for Response). The PAGER system provides fatality and economic loss impact estimates following significant earthquakes worldwide and is used by governments, agencies, non-governmental organizations, private companies and citizens.

How can Radio Operators participate?

1. Register your volunteer radio group for the Great ShakeOut. 

2. Send Winlink DYFI (“Did-you-feel-it?”) Exercise reports on October 19, 2023, after 10:19 (local time) to the United States Geological Survey (USGS). Exercise ID: 2023SHAKEOUT

3. Conduct local radio nets or functional radio exercises to test your group’s preparedness.

The Great ShakeOut is also an opportunity to learn more about earthquake preparedness. Participants can learn about the different types of earthquakes, how to create an earthquake safety plan, and how to make their homes and businesses more earthquake-resistant.

The Great ShakeOut is a great way to get ready for an earthquake. Many preparedness lessons from the Great ShakeOut also apply to floods, fires, landslides and other disasters. It is also a chance to connect with your community and learn how to help others in the event of an earthquake or other disaster.

Official ShakeOut Website: Frequently Asked Questions

Winlink DYFI Exercise FAQ

Q: What is the Exercise ID for ShakeOut?

For 2023 the Exercises ID is 2023SHAKEOUT per USGS request. If you want to provide additional comments like your group name, or additional exercise names please use the Comments box in the DYFI form. 

Q: My group does not live in earthquake country. May we participate?

A: Yes! USGS welcomes Winlink exercise traffic from all parts of the world.

Q: My group is international. May we participate?

A: Yes! USGS welcomes international Winlink exercise traffic.

Q: Shakeout time is 10:19AM. Which timezone is that?

A: All times are local time.

Q: I won't be able to send my DYFI until I return from work. May I send my traffic later in the day?

A: Yes! Make sure that you are entering the date and time correctly on the Winlink USGS DYFI form and send your Winlink DYFI Exercise report when you can.

Q: We are planning an exercise in addition to DYFI. Is that okay?

A: Yes! Shakeout is a great time to test your local and regional radio plans and operations in addition to sending Winlink DYFI Exercise reports.

Q: Would peer-to-peer (P2P) and radio-only (RO) Winlink messages be received by USGS?

A: No. USGS requests that you send your DYFI messages to the official USGS email address the form adds.

That means you must use an RMS (Winlink gateway) with an internet connection or Telnet (i.e. the internet) for your DYFI report to be received. USGS does not monitor P2P nor RO.

Q: We are planning a ShakeOut exercise before/after the official ShakeOut date. Is that okay?

A: Yes! You may report your own exercise earthquake event with Winlink DYFI Exercise form submissions. Make sure that your group is aligned on your selected Exercise ID, Date and Time in the Winlink USGS DYFI form . You may customize those.

Q: What is the main goal?

A: Have fun! Shakeout is a great opportunity to learn about disaster preparedness and how volunteer radio operators can help. It is an excellent opportunity to test your radio and group disaster response capabilities.

Have fun!